Your newborn deserves the very best.

We’ll help you find a caregiver who becomes like a trusted family member.

Portrait Photo of Caregiver Changing a New-born on the Changing Table at Petite Crew

A perfect match makes all the difference.

Choosing the right caregiver for your newborn is intimidating.

You’re trusting someone to provide the highest standard of care to your little one and fit into your household with ease, day or night.

As parents, we know just how you feel. It’s why we’ve refined a process to secure the best Newborn Care Specialists, vet them as if they were caring for our own children, then handle all the contracts and busywork so you don’t have to.

Put your fears to rest, we leave nothing to chance.


We help you choose, confidently.

Here’s what you should know about our team:


We have a wealth of experience in perfect placements.

Our placement experts have years of professional baby-care experience.

Comprised of mothers, nanny-employers, former educators, and professional nannies, we understand the needs of both families and caregivers and skillfully navigate the nuances to make outstanding matches.


We obsess over finding the best candidates.

We choose only the most qualified, highly trained, and experienced candidates from hundreds of applications each month, ensuring our clients have exclusive access to the best of the best.


We vet with mom-like meticulosity.

We interview, dig, investigate, scrutinize, and triple-check. Our rigorous 10-point screening process, which less than 4% of candidates pass, not only saves you time but also ensures you are meeting only the candidates who outshine the rest.


We have a proven track record.

We have curated a vast network of talented professionals to meet any family’s desires, and our refined matching approach allows most clients to hire one of the first three candidates they meet.

Plus, since families adore the professionals we pair them with, most new clients come from their referrals.


We attract top talent.

As a sister company to the award-winning Westside Nannies, we’re a first stop for phenomenal Newborn Care Specialists looking for the best positions. As our client, you get first dibs on a truly exceptional pool of candidates.

We call them Newborn Care Specialists, parents call them lifesavers, and they’re in demand now more than ever.

Don’t miss out — start the process today!

To us, excellence means —

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You can focus all your attention on chemistry.

Time is one of your most valuable assets. So, we sort through hundreds of resumes, interview top candidates, and check every reference for you.

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We never put profit before your best interests.

As a member of APNA (Association of Premier Nanny Agencies), we’ve had extensive screening and approval of our ethical business practices.

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No request is impossible — try us.

Whether you prefer text or e-mail, early morning or late-night interviews, or need immediate help in a pinch, we cater to you. And, we’ve done it all.

We can’t wait to meet you!

Petite Crew’s expert team.

Our hardworking, compassionate team is devoted to providing five-star service.

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Elyse Parzyck

Placement Director

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Jacey O’Neill

Placement Counselor
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Kaitlin McHugh

Placement Counselor
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Heidi Zimmerman

Placement Counselor